Live in Your Truth

Posted by Bianca Chalokwu on

Always be true to yourself. Being honest with yourself is key. Never apologize for being yourself and being true to what you believe. It is important to live up to your own expectations as well as setting your own goals.

I feel especially in todays’ society so many of us are afraid of the truth. We even go so far as to tell non-sensical sayings. My pastor always uses, “what you don’t know won’t hurt you” as an example. My pastor made a huge point that made me realize how many choose to want to stay ignorant when things seem to get a little rough. I am in a total agreement with my pastor in that statement being the biggest lie ever told.

Too many times we allow others to influence our decisions and talk us into doing things that are against what is right. In the end you must take a look at the whole picture and know that you are the one who has to live with it. You need to ask yourself if it is worth it and sometimes simply being courageous enough to say no. We think we are losing someone when in actuality you could be losing dead weight. Food for thought.

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  • You are right. We tend to let other people and things influence and direct our lives when really God made us the director of our own motion picture, so we should choose to direct it well and with knowledge of self and our surroundings.

    Lani on
  • This was on point!!!!👏🏽 I’m guilty of letting others dictate what I think about my self or influence me but I’m slowing becoming to be my own person and be true to myself 💗

    Ruby on
  • I love this post and agree with you as well. Often times we hold on to things and people who do not serve us. I appreciate your insights in writing this post.

    Karyl on

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