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I feel the title “independent woman” has been shown a negative light to some degree. Similarly to how the term feminist has been painted as if it is something wrong with equality. Sadly, the glass ceiling is something that still exists in today’s working-class society. There has always been an ugly line painted between our women and men instead of supporting one another we tear each other down.

We’ve come a long way from the stereotypical lifestyle goal of every young girl growing up to only look forward to getting married and raising a family. There is nothing wrong with being independent and should be seen as a positive thing. Especially in today's society, it is extremely hard for families to survive on one source of income alone. I mean what is wrong with getting yourself together? You need to have skills and things going for yourself. If you don’t have anything going for yourself don’t expect to attract anyone who has something going for themselves. It is as simple as the saying, “misery loves company”.

Often times there is a negative connotation that goes along with the title of an independent woman because it is being seen as someone who can provide for themselves and take care of themselves by themselves. They don’t need anyone. People have this misconstrued perception of what an independent woman is. It does not mean you don’t need anyone as if you are better than and all others are beneath you.

How you behave and carry yourself when you are on your own are the tools you have developed that you should be contributing to your partnership when you do find a significant other. There should be teamwork and a partnership. I did not grow up in a household that only my mother did household chores and my father brought home the bread. I witnessed my father numerous times assist my mom with cooking,cleaning, and even would do my sister and my hair when mom was not able to. It was the same with my mother. My parents worked together and when one fell short the other was there to pick up the slack and make sure the bills were paid and me and my siblings were taken care of.

An independent queen should be seen as one who’s simply taking care of the business.

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