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Let it out! It’s okay not to be okay. Holding in your feelings is not healthy. It can lead to more issues and problems along the way. If you can’t be honest with yourself on how you feel, then who can you be honest with.

Emotions are not something that you can just ignore. It is apart of being a human being. Learning how to balance emotions is something that should be embraced. There are many outlets that can be utilized such as talking/venting it out with friends or family, writing it out in a notebook and scraping it later, or even just getting to a quiet place to sort out your thoughts alone is needed. One thing for sure, is that we must learn how to balance our emotions so that we can make rational decisions.

And much like anything else, time and patience is needed.

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  • Agree 100%! No matter if it’s a positive, negative or neutral emotion, there is power in letting it out. I know I always feel so much better after a good laugh, or even a good cry!

    WilsonsGuide on
  • This is so me. I rarely let my emotions out but I am learning to find healthy ways of coping and sharing how I am feeling now.

    Kimberley on
  • I’m prone to bottling my feelings and letting my emotions fester. Writing has helped me to get my feelings out and gaining clarity about what my next steps should look like. You are so right — patience is needed when learning to be more expressive and its a journey

    Nicollette Mitchell on

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