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A term commonly associated with negativity. It is a common teaching that self-love is seen as narcissism or being self-absorbed and selfish. But what’s wrong with showing yourself love? Society has us looking for acceptance and love in all the wrong places. Trying to draw attention in so many ways. Infatuated with the vein beauty and materials that are constantly put out in front of us day to day.

In today’s society so much of our youth is suffering trying to meet these impossible standards of beauty. So many people looking for a hand out but not realizing that it starts with how you treat yourself. Simply because it was not taught. It is okay to love yourself, value, appreciate, and respect yourself. How you treat yourself sets the standard for how those you encounter in the world will treat you. That’s not to say you will not encounter some people who are still negative towards you or throwing hate at you for there are people in this world that hate without cause. The point is that you should have enough respect, love, and value for yourself to know when to cut people like that out of your life and not give them the power to discourage you. Learning how not to retaliate with hate. Even the Lord told you to love thy neighbor as you love thyself and this sums up everything. It is impossible to love others if you cannot love or accept yourself. You can not treat others without harm if you are harming yourself. True love starts with self and should be embraced. It is never to be confused with gloating, boasting, conceit, or arrogance.

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