No Time Limit on Healing

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There’s no rush on healing and no, there is nothing wrong with you. It can take days, weeks, months, years even. The goal to keep in mind is taking the time that you need to heal. I’ve witnessed so many people in a rush to get over a bad break up and rush into another relationship, only to become more depressed as to why this one didn’t work out either. Do not open more doors when you haven’t even closed the previous. You have to learn to let things go and understand that you must be patient. You can’t run into something else expecting that to cure you because it does not work that way.

Sometimes you need to take time to yourself to be alone and heal in order to come to terms with whatever it is that you are having a hard time with. Stop rushing and trying to do things on your own, trust the Lord, and be patient. We stand in our own way many times trying to rush a process when it may not be time yet. It just results in added pressure, more drama, and may even have pushed your answer further away.

Just like you would give time to another, give time to yourself. You are not less deserving. Many of times we spend so much time worrying and stressing when you should use that time to be praying to the Lord to relieve some of these stresses and align your focus. The Lord told us we have not because we ask not. Realize that you are not alone and it’s okay to need time to heal. Sometimes we need to take a step back and re-evaluate ourselves before we get back out there. A wise individual knows that life is not easy and they do not have all the answers.

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