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So many people in our society is suffering and especially our youth. I feel like logging into social media day to day is just a natural routine a lot of us have inherited. And it’s full of poison. So much negativity being tossed out that we have become desensitized to it.

There have been way too many reports of suicide and the numbers continue to rise. There is great deal of entertainers that many of us watch who we end up finding out after they’ve committed suicide struggled with depression and mental health. So much pressure is dished out to individuals that it becomes a burden to function in day to day life.

There is not enough education and enough awareness that goes out worldwide about the topic. Many people seem to shy away from it until something tragic happens like the mass shootings we experienced in the previous months. Each time I see an article title about another celebrity that committed suicide due to their struggles,I am deeply saddened. Why isn’t this being more talked about and why are we not taking more preventive actions before it even gets to this level?

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    kwugEQZjFaz on
  • This definitely hits home as I’ve had to deal with a lot of friends struggling with mental health. Although there are a lot more resources today than there way before, I 100% agree with you that we still need to talk and bring more and more awareness. This is definitely the part of the year that most people struggle the most with mental health

    Tiwaa on
  • Yes mental health issues and suicide attempts as well as ideation has become so common nowadays. I blame technology. I read an article yesterday that mentioned suicide jumping 73% in African Americans and dropping down I think 7% in caucasians. That made me sad.

    Valerie on
  • This is so true. There are so many people around the world who are suffering in silence. We must continue to raise awareness and fight for them. Amazing post.

    Kimberley on

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