Health Is Wealth

Posted by Bianca Chalokwu on

“You can not take care of others when you have not taken care of yourself”. I am a strong believer of this statement. In order to succeed in life and be able to get to a position that you are able to give back to society in a positive manner starts with self. Often times many people think that not taking care of themselves adds no harm or problems to those around them but in actuality it does and it can. Whether we want to be role models or not, someone is always watching. Each and every one of us has an impact on others. Life is valuable and you only get to live this life once and it should be lived to the fullest. In order to do that, we must act on it by watching what we put into our bodies, practice a lot of self-care, & pay attention to who we let around us. The people we allow in our space can have play a big role in our health as well. We must remember that our health is not only physical, but mental, emotional, and spiritual as well. Practice being mindful of this! It's important!

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